Aileen Schofield

Hello, well that is week 1 following your healthy eating plan, we have enjoyed the various meals and had a few wee surprises with some new ideas which we really enjoyed

Collette Britton

I have worked with Julie recently to help me lose the pounds. She gave me a food plan tailored to my likes and dislikes and has encouraged and gently nudged me along every week, suggesting a few tweaks along the way. 

Jules Hughes

I highly recommend Julie's Yoga classes. A perfect haven of relaxation and mindfulness, much needed in our busy lives. I can feel my posture improving, shoulder tension releasing and am learning to reach into positions I haven't gotten into since I was a toddler!

Nalene Tait

I originally did PT with Julie to get fit for my wedding...Julie has done so much more than that. She has not only helped me lose weight she has helped me achieve things and change my life in ways that I never thought I could.